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Dedicated Instructors

Lead by Honorary DEAN MIGUEL LOPEZ and his team of International TUTORS and MENTORS The World Aquatic Academy brings you Programs in different Opportunities of Aquatic Sports, including Safety, Pool Maintenance and Hygiene, Life Guarding and different level of Coaching starting from Learn To Swim to Doctorate Levels

Our Motto

To be a WORLDWIDE fair practice, Authentic Repository for Aquatic Tutor Education, Life Savers, Certified Maintenance Personal and impart Continuous Education

Accreditation & Recognition

All our Certificate and Diploma Programs are Accredited by American University for Global Peace, USA All our Degree and Doctoral Programs are Accredited by United Nations University for Global Peace, USA WAA programs are recognised by most National and International Aquatic Federations

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Why Choose WAA?

WAA provides solution for every education need in Aquatics.We believe in the “ COMMUNICATE , EDUCATE AND MOTIVATE” policy for a UNIFORM EDUCATION IN AQUATICS WORLDWIDE

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Unique Teaching Methods

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Certified Instructors

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